Monterey Jack is a character from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. He was initially voiced by Peter Cullen, with
Jim Cummings later assuming the role.

Role in the seriesEditEdit

Monterey Jack, or Monty as he is often referred to, spent much of his life traveling the world with Zipper. He joined the Rangers after his home was destroyed by Fat Cat. Monty is Australian, and often uses psuedo-Australian phrases in his speech. He is the oldest of the rangers, as it is revealed early on that he was friends with Gadget's father, and knew Gadget as a child. He's prone to reminiscing about his travel, though he is usually stopped by the others.

As the largest and strongest of the group, Monty services as the muscle of the group. He can be quick to anger, often forcing the others to keep him out of trouble. He is also the teams' travel expert and knows how to help with making the travel arrangements. However, he possesses a deadly fear of cats. He also possesses a near addiction to cheese, which surfaces in the form of "cheese-attacks" where he is almost hypnotically drawn to cheese, ignoring all around him.

Monty is the only character known to have two living parents: Cheddarhead Charlie and Camembert Kate. Each of them had episodes revolving around them. Both are known to be travelers like Monty. While Monty seems to idolize his father, his relationship with his mother was initially strained because she tended to baby him.


  • Monty's name and those of his relatives, all come from various cheeses.

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